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Matt Brannon of Montgomery, Texas answered a few questions regarding his family’s experience with CHM’s maternity program.

Christian Healthcare Ministries: What is the name and birthdate of your child born under CHM’s maternity program?

Matt Brannon: My wife, Ginny, and I welcomed our daughter, Vivienne Darling Brannon, on Nov. 14, 2014.

CHM: What made you decide to join CHM’s Gold program?

MB: The maternity program. Ginny and I wanted to have children, but we couldn’t find individual insurance plans in our state that covered maternity costs. Christian Healthcare Ministries seemed too good to be true. The ministry is a solution to our health care problems and it’s a community of believers meeting each other’s health care needs.

CHM: What did you do after you learned you were expecting a child?

MB: We called CHM and a very kind and informative staff member clearly explained how the program works and outlined the steps we needed to take. Every staff member we’ve spoken with performs their work with joy and purpose. It’s evident they know Who they are working for.

CHM: Did you experience pregnancy complications?

MB: During one ultrasound visit, we learned that my wife had a large ovarian cyst. Her symptoms grew worse with time and finally the doctor recommended removing the cyst. Cost estimates from various health care providers totaled more than $26,000—more than the anticipated cost of labor and delivery!

Though we were “freaking out,” the CHM staff did not. On the contrary, they helped calm us down and worked to send us funds quickly. We were blown away when we received the check in our mailbox. It was an emotional experience, not just because our financial needs were met, but because it was such a clear example of the church being the church.

I could feel the presence of our loving heavenly Father at that moment. He takes care of His children.

CHM: Matt, how much was shared for Ginny’s maternity bills and surgery?

MB: The maternity bills were about $10,000. The surgery was just over $19,000 after we received discounts exceeding $31,000.

I remember the day we received the check for our baby’s delivery charges because my wife texted me a picture of the check while I was at work. It was well before our delivery date because we submitted our hospital prepayment agreement very early. With health insurance, I often received a string of bills after each medical incident and still didn’t know exactly what I was paying for. To have our labor and delivery paid before the birth was incredible. We had no financial anxiety whatsoever and could just focus on the unforgettable experience of bringing our daughter into the world.

CHM does exactly what it claims it will do, and the Guidelines—the rules about what expenses are eligible for sharing—are available upfront so there are no surprises. I absolutely recommend the ministry. My advice to other members is to ask questions until you understand and are comfortable with the program, always be diligent to obtain and submit medical bills in a timely manner and, last but not least, trust the ministry to do its work. It pays off.

CHM: Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

MB: After Vivienne was born, I received a voicemail from a CHM staff member calling to check on us. What struck me was the sincerity and joy in the man’s voice. He was glad to help us. In fact, he wanted to know if there was anything more he could do. I saved his message for months because it meant so much. He cared—not because he knows me, but because he knows Jesus.

Lastly, it’s incredibly satisfying to know that my monthly financial gift amount helps other families. With all my heart, thank you for being a tangible representation of God’s love and thank you for caring for families like us.

*Editor’s note: The CHM Guidelines are available at For step-by-step guides on what to do if you’re pregnant and how to submit medical bills, visit and

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