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Two missionaries found in CHM a Bible-based reason to hope in God’s provision for their health care expenses while also helping other Christians pay their medical bills. Ben and Melissa Melancon of Lawrenceville, Ga., joined the ministry in 2011. They had no idea God would take them on a journey to show how powerful hope in Him can be.

In April 2014, Melissa had problems seeing out of her left eye. Her doctor assumed she needed glasses and referred her to eye specialists, who then referred her to a neuro-ophthalmologist. A brain scan revealed a tumor pressing against Melissa’s optic nerve.

“The moment I found out I had a brain tumor, I simply wanted to commune with and be close to the Lord,” Melissa said. “I remember praying, ‘Jesus, I need You close to me.’” The Lord was faithful, said Melissa, to lead her beside quiet waters. “By drawing close to Him, I recognized that He was going to be a refuge to me.”

After learning of the diagnosis, Ben and Melissa sought comfort and guidance from the Scriptures. “We studied the truths from God’s Word about Him healing all our diseases, making and forming us, watching over us and being our deliverer,” she said.

“Going through such a serious journey, the thought often crossed my mind: ‘What if I die?’ I would leave behind relationships, love, memories and more. But I also knew that I would fully experience the deepest expression of love and the deepest relationship I could ever have—my relationship with my Creator.”

A spiritual battle raged as Melissa experienced times of doubt and uncertainty, but hope won out. “There were many moments when I had to make a choice: I could live in fear and anxiety that my life was about to end or I could live with the faith and hope that God knows my days.”

Melissa was encouraged as she spent more time in God’s presence. “He drew me close and encouraged my heart. My faith deepened and I learned to see Him as a good father and healer.”

In June 2014 Melissa underwent surgery that restored her eyesight from 50 to 98 percent. CHM members shared her remaining medical bills after the Melancons received nearly 50 percent in discounts. The couple praised the Lord, rejoicing in the truth of Hebrews 6:19: “This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls.”

A month later, the Melancons learned Melissa was pregnant. “We were filled with gratitude, faith and joy,” she said. Melissa underwent a C-section since the baby was in breech presentation; their daughter was born healthy.

“My pregnancy was a symbol of God birthing a new hope in our lives, and we followed the Lord’s call to name her Hope,” Melissa said. “She’s a message from God about trusting Him and watching as He births something beautiful from our difficult circumstances.”

Between the brain surgery and maternity bills, CHM members shared more than $52,000. “All of our health care providers were willing to work with us and the CHM staff was always loving, pointing us back to Jesus in our time of need,” Ben said.

The Melancons are happy to have their health scare behind them, but they’re even more pleased they learned to cling to hope in the Lord. “What we experienced is a powerful reminder that God wants to give us hope that anchors our soul—and even joy—when we go through trials,” Melissa said.

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