Member almost loses hand after car crash in hazardous Alaska weather, Kathy Beachy, Homer, Alaska

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One cold April morning, I drove my 16-year-old son, Clayton, 70 miles to his orthodontist appointment. A heavy frost had formed the night before, and our minivan lost traction in a curve. We spun out and overturned twice. I braced my right arm against the roof and yelled, “I’m so sorry, Clayton!”

The sunroof shattered, exposing my right arm. My arm snapped in two while the broken glass severed my tendons and nerves, nearly severing my hand. I also experienced a concussion and lacerations to my head.

Clayton, who’d been sleeping, jolted awake as the van rolled. When it stopped, he grabbed a fleece blanket and wrapped it around my bleeding arm. Though I remained conscious, I was in shock and rambled unintelligibly. God ordained that the first car to come upon us would be our neighbors, both former EMTs. They called for help and tended to me until I received more care.

We were taken to the nearest hospital, and I underwent surgery to remove glass fragments and set my broken bone. The following day, during a three-hour procedure, my surgeon took a chance and reconnected the tendons and nerves. In His grace, God saved our lives and my hand. Clayton suffered only a single scratch.

Recovery came slowly through physical therapy and multiple braces. My therapist gave me a treatment plan of stretches and exercises to improve daily use and restore my piano playing. Over time, feeling in my hand returned. I’m able to once more hold onto a pen and write with my right hand, though it’s prickly and a strain to stretch out my fingers.

I keep track of our family’s finances and am our church’s bookkeeper, but my hand and head injuries hindered me from performing these tasks. My husband, Sheldon, worked with CHM to submit our medical bill processing forms and itemized bills. The CHM staff was always helpful and knowledgeable about our situation because of their detailed notes in our membership account.

Sheldon negotiated discounts with healthcare providers and made payments when we received CHM sharing checks. We’re so thankful for ministry members who shared more than $88,000 after receiving $280,000 in discounts and payment from our auto insurance.

I’m so humbled by God’s protection of us and His provision through CHM members. I am currently practicing “Claire de Lune” and will send my surgeon a video of me playing the piano with restored fingers!

Editor’s note: Christian Healthcare Ministries is secondary to other possible payment sources. Before CHM can share members’ medical bills, members must submit bills to any insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers’ Compensation, fraternal benefits or any other sources available to pay all or part of the bills. See Guideline W ( for more information.

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