Member finds creative way to give to the Prayer Page, Alan Leininger, Odessa, Fla.

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CHM: When and why did you join CHM?

Alan Leininger (AL): We joined Christian Health Ministries in 2014. We joined because, as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, the option to join with fellow Christians around the world to support one another was the best choice for our family. CHM membership not only benefits us but also helps other believers.

CHM: What is most important to you about CHM?

AL: Our favorite thing about the ministry is that the funds that it receives go towards helping fellow believers with their medical financial needs. Fortunately, we have not had to use CHM very much for ourselves, so it is good to know that our monthly contributions go to helping others.

CHM: Have you had medical bills shared through CHM?

AL: When our son Aaron was younger, he fractured his wrist and needed surgery. CHM members shared 100% of his eligible medical bills. This was a huge blessing for our family.

CHM: You’ve donated thousands of dollars to the Prayer Page. How have you done this?

AL: My wife, Michele, and I founded Create Foundations, a nonprofit community outreach, in Sept. 2020. Through this outreach, we support our community, ministries in our area, and other ministries such as CHM. Being a community outreach, we felt that giving to help other believers through CHM was a good fit with our mission statement.

CHM: Anything else you’d like to add?

AL: After our experience with CHM, we’ve referred all of our family and friends, and many have joined. God has always let us know we can put all of our trust in Him and His followers—and CHM is the perfect example of that.

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