Member nearly drowns in bathtub following seizure, Marion Clifton, Mt. Orab, Ohio

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When we heard about CHM from another ministry, we couldn’t wait to join. It not only sounded incredible but seemed so in line with the early church and exactly what we had been looking for.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2008. A number of years later, while in the shower, I had a seizure while. I fell face-down in the bathtub, covering the drain with my body.

The tub began to fill up with water.

I’m uncertain how long I was underwater. When my wife heard my convulsions, she called my name to check on me; when I didn’t respond, she burst into the bathroom to see what happened.

My lips were blue when she pulled me from the tub, and I wasn’t breathing. She called 9-1-1 and began CPR on me.

At the hospital, I spent several days in an induced coma for several days to help my body recover and verify my lungs were functioning on their own. The doctors weren’t sure what condition I would be in when I woke up, or if I had brain damage.

Praise God I was fine except for some memory issues due to continued seizures over the next few months.

When I was told my bills would be shared on the Prayer Page, I assumed I might get a check in the mail every few months for perhaps $50 or so from someone who happened to see our need. However, we were astounded when multiple checks from $1,000 to $3,000 arrived for our medical bills. The generosity of my fellow members blew me away.

As I recovered, God taught me about His provision but, more importantly, He taught me about interdependence on others.

For six months, I was dependent on others to give me rides until I was approved to drive again by a doctor. I was also dependent upon CHM members as they shared my medical bills and sent me encouraging letters.

Interdependence, God taught me, is not a weakness nor is it an “act of pity” as some might see it. It’s the way things should be as we learn to love one another as ourselves. This experience challenged me, even more, to look out for the needs of others—small or large.

My entire experience with CHM has been a story of everyone involved going the extra mile. Not only did I have a large medical bill for myself from my incident in January but we also had our first baby in July! Combined, CHM took care of over $50,000 in medical expenses for us.

We thank God for this ministry!

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