Member receives help with pre-existing condition, says CHM "really does walk the walk", Lisa Madsen, Hyrum, UT

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Before joining CHM I had some unusual symptoms that my family doctor said were “just a normal part of aging.” Meanwhile, my husband, Craig, and I heard about Christian Healthcare Ministries. We were nervous, but willing to try something new and hopeful it would work well for us. We joined the Bronze program.

About four months after joining I was diagnosed with cancer. I called the ministry and found out that because my symptoms predated my CHM membership the bills would only be eligible for sharing on the Prayer Page, which appears in each monthly issue of Heartfelt Magazine. There, members would see my name and need and would be able to donate to help with my medical bills.

At first it just seemed like another hoop to jump through and I wasn’t exactly sure how the Prayer Page works, but my battle with cancer had already taught me that I wasn’t in control and that I needed to trust in God. Even if it wasn’t what I wanted or expected, His way is always the right way. As an independent person not used to relying on others, it wasn’t an easy lesson, but the end result was much better than I anticipated.

In all, my medical bills were over $77,000 and I received nearly $50,000 in healthcare provider discounts. The remaining charges of over $27,000 were listed on the Prayer Page and, month by month, CHM members shared all the eligible bills.

After treatment it took about a year to start feeling normal again. Meanwhile, I was taken by surprise when I started receiving encouraging cards and letters from CHM members! It was a great comfort to know that other Christians were thinking about me and praying for me. I was also amazed by their generosity in consistently giving to help meet my financial need.

CHM really does “walk the walk” of our faith by carrying out its biblical mission of sharing with other believers in need. I recommend the ministry to business contacts, friends, relatives and other acquaintances.

Thank you so much for helping me during my cancer journey. I really have felt a connection to other members of CHM and the Body of Christ.

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