Member’s appendicitis experience confirms that CHM “makes sense”, Becky Adams, Texarkana, Texas

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From the November 2019 issue of Heartfelt Magazine.

My brothers and their families are CHM members and have always spoken highly of the ministry. My husband, Kennan, and I researched CHM. We loved what we found and joined in 2015. We stayed healthy for the next three years, but then the unexpected happened.

Our teenage daughter, Joni, started experiencing stomach pains, which came and went over the next two days. Then, she came to my room and complained of stomach pains that were bad enough she couldn’t sleep. I called a friend (a nurse—grateful that she answered even at 1 a.m). She told us to look out for vomiting because that usually indicates an infected appendix. Joni wasn’t nauseated, so she took medicine and the pain subsided enough for her to sleep.

At 7 a.m. she awoke, vomiting. My cousin, a surgeon, told us to go to the emergency room immediately. Once there, the doctor drew blood, took Joni’s temperature, and prepped her for a CT scan. Her blood work showed a high white blood cell count, which indicates something severe. Her fever climbed quickly and the CT scan revealed an enlarged appendix.

They prepared her for surgery. The surgeon explained that her appendix was leaking deadly bacteria into her gut. Thankfully, the surgery went well. She spent another three nights in the hospital while the doctors helped rid her of infection from the bacteria leakage. She has healed well with no further complications.

Kennan called CHM the day after the surgery. The staff walked him through what we needed to do when we received medical bills. They explained how to submit the medical bill processing forms. The process was simple and smooth: We explained to the hospital billing department that we are CHM members and would receive help from the ministry to pay our medical expenses.

Some bills came with automatic discounts, and on the bills that didn’t, we asked for discounts. Several providers offered an extra 10 percent on top of a 40 percent discount if we paid within a certain time. We quickly notified CHM of these reductions so we were able to take advantage of the additional discount. CHM was professional and very helpful.

Joni’s bills totaled slightly over $62,000. We received over $32,460 in discounts. Our fellow CHM members shared the remaining $29,000 in medical bills and we paid nothing out-of-pocket. That’s one of the reasons why we recommend CHM to our friends and family. It’s easy, simple, and they do what they say they will do. CHM just makes sense!

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