Member with pre-existing condition recommends CHM, Paul Baker, Troy, OH

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I feel compelled to share my testimony about CHM and the Prayer Page.

My wife, Denise, and I joined the ministry in April 2017. I had a hernia that I knew would likely need to be repaired at some point. That time came in January 2018 when I underwent surgery.

The surgery’s cost exceeded the amount available through CHM’s Gold schedule for pre-existing conditions. Therefore, the ministry shared over $17,000 through the schedule and the remaining $3,800 was listed on the Prayer Page in Heartfelt Magazine.

In addition to receiving checks to share all of my eligible bills, I was the recipient of numerous cards from other CHM members asking how I was doing and saying they were praying for me.

CHM is an organization of integrity that keeps its word. All of the staff members were helpful and explained things thoroughly to me whenever I called.

Denise and I will stay with Christian Healthcare Ministries for years to come because of our great experience. We highly recommend the ministry to every Christian.

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