Members grow family after battling Lyme disease, say that without CHM, “We’d probably have a lot of debt today”, By Clare Brueckner, Sioux Falls, S.D.

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We first heard about CHM through friends at church. At the time, I was being treated for chronic Lyme disease*. We loved knowing CHM would reimburse us for medical expenses after we reached our qualifying amount per incident. It was also wonderful to know our monthly gifts were helping fellow believers.

Due to my Lyme treatment, we were unable to have children, but we prayed children would be in our future. I knew once I was healed from Lyme and ready to get pregnant, it’d be beneficial for me to remain with CHM. And that’s exactly what happened.

Even when my husband got a new job, we decided to stay with CHM because we loved the Gold-level maternity program.

When I learned I was pregnant, I told my healthcare providers that I was self-pay. Once I received the bills, I simply filled out and submitted the paperwork required for CHM. It was so easy.

God blessed me with two healthy pregnancies and safe, smooth deliveries. We had two beautiful girls, Marian and Nadia, with CHM’s Gold maternity program. CHM shared 100 percent of our eligible medical bills.

I absolutely recommend CHM’s Gold-level maternity program to other young couples. I love that CHM provides an opportunity to send encouraging notes and scriptures to other members. In addition, whenever I’ve called CHM, the staff members have been kind and helpful.

I’d like to encourage other members to share with their friends and family information about CHM. I’m so grateful our friends told us about this ministry. Without CHM, John and I would probably have a lot of debt today.

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