Nathan & Shelley Wilson, Baltimore, OH

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Christian Healthcare Ministries: What did you name your daughter and when was she born?

Shelley Wilson: Finlee Rose Wilson arrived April 14, 2013.

CHM: How did you hear about CHM and when did you join?

SW: When my husband’s employer switched insurance companies, we knew the cost would be more than what our family could afford. My husband has a condition called ulcerative colitis, and insurance companies deemed him “high risk.” After learning about CHM in 2011, we knew it would work best for our growing family. We chose the Gold participation level.

CHM: When you first found out you were pregnant, what did you do?

SW: We called CHM immediately to figure out our next step. Everyone at CHM was extremely helpful and caring.

CHM: Let’s talk numbers. What was the total cost of your pregnancy?

SW: Our total pregnancy expense was $26,722. We received $8,687 in discounts and CHM members shared the rest. When we needed funds quickly, the ministry went the extra mile to make sure we received them on time to get a large discount.

CHM: The average cost of giving birth is between $5,000 and $10,000. Your pregnancy cost much more than that. Did you have complications?

SW: I had miscarried just months before my pregnancy with Finlee. My husband and I were devastated to learn at our 14th week obstetric visit that our baby had died. When we contacted CHM, we were blown away with their compassion. The woman on the phone actually cried with us and then prayed for us. Even later on, staff members called just to check and see how we were doing.

CHM: Would you recommend CHM’s maternity program to other families desiring children?

SW: We have been so blessed to be a part of this ministry. The people at Christian Healthcare Ministries not only care about the financial aspect of your pregnancy, but they genuinely care about you and your baby. They rejoiced when we rejoiced, and they grieved when we were grieving. There is no doubt in my mind that God knew who He was placing in our lives when we joined CHM. We can’t thank Him enough.

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