Oldest CHM member, first of four generations of CHM members, says thank you, Kenneth Peterson, Fort Scott, Kan. and Kenneth Peterson Jr., Milton, Wash.

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Kenneth Peterson

When my son, Kenneth, was 15 months old, he got sick—very sick. We took him to the doctor, where he was admitted to the hospital.

Only one person was allowed to stay with him at a time. The nurses refused to let my wife, Marie, stay while my mother-in-law was with him.

So we went to a church together where they were having a revival, and I knelt down and said, “Lord, he’s in your hands now.”

As I said that to the Lord, my mother-in-law said the hospital room lit up like someone turned on a lightbulb, and Kenneth looked at her and said, “Grandma.”

The doctors only gave him 48 hours to live—but he’s still with us today.

I’ve been a CHM member since 1984. I joined only three years after it was started, and I’ve been a member ever since.

CHM has always been good to us, and is easy to work with. Marie had quite a bit of heart problems and they never hesitated to take care of her. The same way with me.

I’ve had a hip replacement, knee replacement, and cancer. I recommend CHM to everyone.

I am so thankful for you all and all the help you’ve given me through the years.

Kenneth Peterson Jr.

I’m the second generation in four generations of CHM members. My dad, Kenneth Peterson, joined the ministry, and then me, and now my children and grandchildren are members as well.

I remember sitting down and writing a letter to my dad for Father’s Day one year, and I made a statement in that letter: “One choice you made back years ago changed the whole trajectory of the Peterson family.”

After my mother passed away, I found the doctor bill from the hospital where I was kept when God healed me after Dad gave his heart to the Lord. Now, all six of his children have been involved in some aspect of ministry—preaching, teaching children, and more. Not only that, but many of his grandchildren and great-grandchild are involved in ministry too.

His decision to follow God’s plan has literally changed lives around the world.

One of the things that stands out to me is that Dad was always faithful in church. He was never the Sunday school teacher or minister, but he was faithful to attend church and see all of us through Christian school.

It’s just like CHM. There’s been the same faithfulness there of helping to meet the needs of other Christians and showing the love that God expects us to give. Our family has been faithful and over the years, God has blessed us—but just as we have been faithful, CHM has been faithful.

It’s this faithfulness that builds the Kingdom of God.

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