Parents of preemie gain peace of mind, say CHM shared “every cent”, Natalie Mathers, St. John, Florida

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This pregnancy was a roller coaster from day one. At our first ultrasound, the doctor could see a baby, but he couldn’t find a heartbeat. The next week, he found a baby and heartbeat right away.

Just a few weeks later, I had unexpected bleeding that I assumed was a miscarriage. A rushed OB-GYN visit showed a sub-chorionic hemorrhage which didn’t affect my baby.

Several months after my hemorrhage scare, I went in for a routine ultrasound. Maddie, our daughter, was especially small for the stage of development.

The provider sent me to a high-risk doctor who found that my hypertension was affecting the flow in the umbilical cord. They took my blood pressure, and it was extremely high.

I needed to be admitted to the hospital. Immediately.

Everything was a blur, but I kept finding comfort in God’s sovereignty. “God is in the details and He’s in control” kept running through my mind.

The hospital diagnosed me with preeclampsia. This was quickly becoming a dangerous pregnancy. My kidneys were shutting down and my liver enzymes skyrocketed. The medication they gave me made me feel worse—like my insides were on fire.

Out of options, they scrambled to take me into surgery and deliver Maddie at 28 weeks. Outside my room, they tried to prepare my husband Eli for the worst: he might leave the hospital without a wife or daughter.

After a successful C-section, Maddie spent 64 days in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. While they didn’t have to put her on a ventilator, there were other areas in which she needed help. Through this time, God showed up in the smallest details.

Our bills totaled more than $600,000, but our CHM family was there for us every step of the way. We were able to get substantial discounts, and CHM members shared the remaining eligible bills. Thank you for supporting us during this difficult time!

Even though it has been the hardest year we’ve ever had to go through as a family, God continually carried us through it all.

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