Parents of six experience live birth of only one twin, CHM offers comfort during bittersweet ordeal, By Mary Lund, Orem, Utah

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Our pregnancy was very complicated, and from the time we learned we were pregnant, it seemed we were constantly on the phone with CHM.

We were expecting identical twin boys. However, halfway through the pregnancy, we discovered that one of the twins, Aaron, had a severe heart defect and was in heart failure. The doctors explained that since they shared a placenta, if Aaron died, his brother Calvin would be without blood for a few seconds. During this time, Calvin could die or have a stroke.

After many appointments, research, calls around the country, and prayer, we discovered there was a surgery that would safeguard both babies and make them independent. If one baby passed, his healthy brother would still have a chance to survive. We were able to get surgery the next day. Our sick baby, Aaron, passed away about a week later.

It was devastating to lose Aaron, but God comforted us with the successful birth of Calvin! It was a rough time in the hospital, but Calvin is now one year old and has no post-birth complications.

CHM shared the cost of the very specialized surgery and helped answer all our questions in our rushed timeframe. CHM employee Theresa, who we refer to as “Mother Theresa,” even stayed late at the office to wait for our news of how the surgery went. She mourned with us when Aaron passed, but she joined us in rejoicing at Calvin’s life-saving miracle. 

The life of our baby Calvin is a miracle. We’re so grateful that things fell into place the way they did with the surgery to save his life. We're blessed that our friends told us about CHM. 

Plus, CHM prayed for us and with us, and showered us with love. For that, we praise God. Thank you, CHM!

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