Paul & Theresa Bixby, Greenville, SC

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In 2008, I moved from a full-time to a part-time job. God brought our attention to CHM.

I joined in spring 2011. Later that year, the world’s healthiest person (me!) had an unexpected cancer diagnosis. One of the greatest fears was about the financial setback this would cause. I wondered if and how CHM would help us. I don’t typically read small print or do research, but one of my friends does. When she recently led her whole Christian organization to join CHM, God used that to give me great comfort and reassurance.

Now—after two surgeries, four chemotherapy sessions, and 38 radiation sessions—I rejoice to see what God has done. I received thousands of dollars from medication reimbursement programs. CHM and its affiliates helped me get deep discounts on my remaining bills. Afterwards, CHM sent me a large check to pay off the remaining bills completely!

We serve a great God, and He has wonderful servants. Thank you for giving your time and talents to minister to me and to many other people. I am humbled and very grateful to God and to you.

May He continue to bless your ministry and use you to be a blessing to thousands of others.

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