Preston & Adrienne Cadis, Madisonville, LA

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Two brothers married to two sisters and the brothers’ sister are using the Christian Healthcare Ministries maternity program to welcome new bundles of joy into their families.

The results confirm their decision to make CHM their source of health cost support.

The two brothers, Preston and Justin Cadis, married two sisters, Adrienne and Aimee Alfaro. Preston and Justin’s sister, Ashlynn Cadis, married Matthew Coriell. The Cadis and Alfaro siblings all met as children in a homeschooling group.

All three couples have used CHM’s Gold level maternity program—or soon will.

After bill reductions of more than $9,000, Christian Healthcare Ministries members helped Preston and Adrienne with more than $11,000 in expenses from the birth of their second son, Carver.

“With CHM, the financial side of Carver’s birth was streamlined," Adrienne said. "I wrote a letter to CHM when I found out I was pregnant, then called my hospital and inquired about discounts for cash-paying patients. Because we received more than $500 in discounts, we had no out-of-pocket expenses. Furthermore, CHM did an exceptional job in sending us a check in a timely manner so we could prepay everything.”

Matthew and Ashlynn received $5,000 from CHM members for the birth of their daughter, Esther, born Sept. 23, 2012.

Justin and Aimee have three children—Conrad, Landon and Aniston—born before the family joined CHM. Their fourth child is due March 24; they also plan to use the ministry’s maternity program.

Preston, Adrienne, Justin and Aimee joined Christian Healthcare Ministries in April 2011. “Preston and Justin own a small business, and we had finally become fed up with spending a great deal of our income on health care,” said Adrienne. “Though Preston and I had always wanted four or five children, we questioned whether we’d be able to afford it. With CHM, we are no longer concerned about how the maternity bills will be paid.”

Matthew and Ashlynn's siblings recommended CHM and the Coriells joined in September 2011. Matthew now tells many of his clients about the ministry.

“I tell all of my friends in the same stage of life about CHM and how much the ministry helped us,” Adrienne said. “My advice to other young couples is to promptly send your bills to CHM so the maternity process goes smoothly and you can focus on the most important part: your new bundle of joy!”

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