Rachel Robbins, Elkin, NC

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The first time I found out I was pregnant after joining CHM was the third week of May 2013. We were very excited. Two weeks later, during a trip, I started to miscarry and went to the emergency room. Medical staff confirmed I had miscarried.

CHM shared the emergency room visit, doctor bill, radiologist bill and bills for all the other tests done that day. Follow-up visit costs were also shared.

In August 2013 I again discovered I was pregnant. Naturally, we were excited—but a little nervous. On September 17, at my first appointment where an ultrasound was performed, I saw my baby’s heartbeat. I was thrilled. At about 10 weeks, we started telling family and friends. When I began showing signs of another miscarriage, I went for a second ultrasound. The test confirmed that our baby had passed away a few weeks before.

I was given medication to help the process go quickly, but during the night I knew things weren’t going as they should. I ended up in the emergency room and received a blood transfusion.

It was nice being able to share with the hospital staff about Christian Healthcare Ministries. I explained we are Christians and, instead of using health insurance, we are members of a large group of Christians who not only share each other’s medical bills but also pray continually for each other.

When I got home, the bills started coming in. I called CHM and talked to staff member Monica Rohr. I explained I had lost the baby and experienced complications. She assured me my bills would be shared, and, as promised, CHM shared every penny.

Earlier in 2013, I had experienced some medical needs that CHM shared, so when I had my miscarriages I knew with 100 percent certainty that the ministry would come through financially. For that reason I was able to focus on physical healing and my family.

For my first condition and my two miscarriages, CHM shared a total of about $13,200 after I received discounts of about $13,400.

In the meantime my husband, Stephen, requested I be placed on the CHM prayer list and my name was printed on the prayer cards that are sent with the monthly billing statements. When the first few cards of encouragement came in, I was amazed. We received between 175 and 200! It was wonderful knowing people from all over the country were praying for me. They were sending Scriptures, sharing their own stories and weeping with me.

CHM, too, sent postcards along with every check. A few staff members called and asked if they could pray with me over the phone. I knew they were also praying for me at their weekly chapel service.

Through these situations and one other miscarriage five years prior, God taught me how much He loves me. He never left my side and always comforted me. I learned that children are a blessing and that those whom God chooses to take home early are souls that have been added to heaven. Their lives meant something—however short they were. Those beautiful babies are loved by us and by our heavenly Father. To think, I’ve been the vessel to bring three souls into eternity to bring God more glory!

He also taught me to use my experience to help others. I can relate to other mothers who are going through a miscarriage and I can truly understand what they are feeling and thinking. I understand the questions they have. I understand the pain they feel.

Remember who God is, I encourage them. It’s okay to ask why. We live in a fallen world affected by sin, and when a child is miscarried, God grieves with you. He loves you. Remember the truths of God, pray and read His word. He will reveal new things to you and bring the verses to you that you need.

Cling to Him; don’t push Him away. Allow yourself to grieve and cry. Allow your body to heal and allow others to help. If you have children, let them see you grieve. They need to know it’s okay to be sad their brother or sister is gone. Hug them and love on them. Let them talk to you about the baby. Let them ask questions and try to answer in the most loving way you can. And if you need to, reach out to someone else who’s been through a miscarriage and can pray with you.

If anyone would like me to pray for them as they go through a miscarriage or has questions on dealing with the possibility of a miscarriage, please feel free to reach out to me at rachelrobbins11@yahoo.com.

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