Renee Skutt, Beaverton, MI

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I joined CHM in December 2014, about the same time I retired from 42 years of service as a nurse. A friend recommended I check out CHM.

The month after I joined CHM, I fell while on vacation and sprained my left knee. After a slow recovery, I fell again on the same knee, this time on a small patch of ice on my driveway. I was terrified. I wasn’t sure how CHM worked and my knee continued to get worse. I couldn’t believe this happened so soon after signing up with the ministry. I’d quickly gone from an active person to someone nearly couch-bound.

I was uncertain when I called CHM, but the staff took great care in explaining what I needed to do. I felt both reassured and anxious, and I took their advice. Thankfully, most of my healthcare providers discounted their bills up to 40 percent and CHM shared the remaining $9,000.

I’m doing much better since my surgery. I have full range of motion and only experience arthritis symptoms on cold, damp days.

After caring for patients for so many years, I developed a strong sense of empathy. Even though I viewed my nursing career as a ministry, my recent medical ordeal showed me that I didn’t truly understand pain, physical limitations and the discouragement that comes from being unable to do the activities I was accustomed to.

I also experienced God’s supernatural presence as never before and grew closer to Him. My patience and trust in God bloomed when I realized He directed me to CHM at just the right time. He knew my need long before I did. CHM is a “class act” with wonderful, caring employees. What a ministry! What a God we serve!

Editor’s note: CHM acts as a supplement to Medicare; Medicare participants need not discontinue their CHM membership. For more information, please see the “CHM: a great option for Medicare participants” article series in the January, February and March 2017 newsletters (

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