Rossie Hershberger, Denton, MT

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Adam and Rossie Hershberger gave birth to their son, Raylan Boone Hershberger, on March 25, 2015 using CHM’s Gold program. Rossie shared some thoughts about their experience with CHM:

Christian Healthcare Ministries: Why did you become members of the ministry’s Gold program?

RH: Christian Healthcare Ministries was the most affordable option for our family. We were even more interested after looking into the program’s structure and design. Knowing we could share and help other Christians was a major motivation in our decision to join.

CHM: What did you do when you learned you were pregnant?*

RH: I emailed Monica Rohr and Lara Bennett who specialize in sharing maternity needs. They were helpful and always pleasant. With their advice and the information I gleaned from the ministry’s Guidelines, I spoke to my hospital and the various doctor offices. Right away, I asked about a prepayment agreement.

CHM: What was your delivery like?

RH: Raylan was one week late; therefore, my labor was induced. I was concerned at first that would change how my bills were shared—or if they would somehow be ineligible for sharing—but after speaking with CHM staff, I learned that bills from complications are eligible for sharing on the Gold level. I went into labor feeling more calm and confident because I didn’t have to worry about my bills.

CHM: Can you tell us about your experience having the maternity bills shared through CHM?

RH: The total bills for my pregnancy were $11,491 after discounts, and CHM met those needs in a timely manner. Once we got the hang of the CHM program and understood what items CHM needed, the process was easy. There was no stress.

CHM: You prayed for a baby for more than a year before becoming pregnant. What do you think now that your prayers have been answered?

RH: We know that God doesn’t always answer prayer in the way we want. Now, we feel as though our son is a present from God, made to order and just for us. We thank CHM because we continue to feel that way. You allowed us to avoid financial struggles, and you were supportive and helpful the whole time.

*Editor’s note: For a step-by-step guide to submitting maternity bills, see

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