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Bethany Lillian Grace Allee was born April 26, 2015 to CHM members Adam and Sarah Allee of Hastings, Fla. Sarah explained the difference between her health insurance policy and CHM:

Christian Healthcare Ministries: What made you decide to switch from health insurance to CHM?

Sarah Allee: Our older daughter, Meredith, was born in 2013 using our previous health care policy. At the time I worked one day a week as a registered nurse and Adam coached soccer. Neither of us had health insurance through our jobs, so we paid for a private plan. However, the maternity coverage was very limited. We wanted to have another child, so I joined CHM’s Gold program.

CHM: What did you do when you learned you were pregnant with Bethany? SA: I emailed the CHM staff immediately and they congratulated me like I was family. They walked me through how to submit my bills and responded quickly to questions. It was a smooth process.

Before joining CHM, I was ignorant about how health insurance works. I paid a monthly amount and never questioned why or understood the price of care. CHM empowered me to take control of my health care costs. I love how CHM made each medical bill seem “black and white.” With our old insurance, I didn’t understand the jargon, small print or billing process. CHM sharing eligibility, on the other hand, is clearly defined in the CHM Guidelines.

CHM: Are there other differences between your previous health insurance and CHM?

SA: We were still receiving medical bills two years after Meredith’s birth, which was frustrating to say the least! However, Bethany’s birth was an amazing experience in large part because of CHM. The sharing process took about 90 days, and the check for one bill was expedited so we could take advantage of a discount.

There’s no comparison between the ministry and health insurance. We like CHM not just because the ministry is “a better deal,” but also because CHM is honest, easy to understand and fits our belief system. God has called His people to bear each other’s burdens, lift one another in prayer and live lives of honesty and integrity.

CHM: Were birth complications a concern for you?

SA: I was fearful and anxious that Bethany’s birth would be difficult because I had many complications when Meredith was born. God was faithful, though, and graciously gave me a smooth delivery and healthy baby!

CHM is the best health care option because it’s comprehensive and more affordable than insurance. Prayer warriors share your emotional and financial burdens. My monthly financial gift goes to believers who need it. God’s mighty hand was upon my family and over my delivery. My CHM family’s prayers were powerful. You are, to me, an extension of my family. I never want to leave CHM.

Thank you, CHM staff, for your many hours working behind the scenes and for allowing us to invest in other Christians’ lives just as they did for us during Bethany’s birth.

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