Shaun & Misti Bloedow, Hillsboro, WI

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Shaun and Misti Bloedow experienced their first pregnancy while having health insurance. After Misti became a stay-at-home mom, the couple investigated other insurance plans with maternity coverage and found they all cost more than $1,000 per month.

A friend from church recommended they look into CHM and the ministry’s maternity program became one of the main reasons they joined in May 2011. The Bloedows’ monthly gift as CHM members is $280, saving them more than $700 per month.

Dollar savings weren’t the only advantage for Shaun and Misti, however; they appreciated the simplicity of the sharing process. Once the couple learned they were expecting again, Misti called CHM Needs Processing representative Yvonne Woolridge, who directed her to the necessary paperwork and helped Misti complete the documents needed by her midwife’s clinic for monthly appointments and delivery. “All my questions were answered,” said Misti. “I felt a huge relief, knowing I was being taken care of.”

“It’s important to ask for a self-pay discount from each health care provider,” added Misti. “This brings the cost of services down and helps with the sharing process for other members. Knowing that CHM members were ready to help with our costs empowered me to ask my health care providers for discounts.”

The cost of Misti’s second pregnancy was approximately $10,000. Her medical bills included monthly doctor visits, lab work, ultrasounds, delivery and a post-natal visit. “All my expenses were taken care of once I met my Gold level personal responsibility of $500,” she said.

With CHM’s help, the Bloedows were able to focus on the most important thing: the birth of their daughter, Ashley Elisabeth, on November 2, 2012.

“The Lord has blessed us and we definitely recommend CHM’s maternity program to all couples planning to grow their family. We are so pleased with CHM. The staff members are kind, caring and helpful.”

The Bloedows are often asked how they pay for health care. With a smile, they tell about the impact CHM has had on their lives. “I know that if it wasn’t for CHM, we would have been forced to pay outrageous prices for insurance,” Misti said.

Shaun and Misti thank CHM members for embracing the New Testament call for Christians to care for each other. “The generosity of Christians all over the country is what makes CHM not only possible, but successful,” said Misti.

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