Shelly Bedford, Tellico Plains, TN

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Christian Healthcare Ministries came onto our “radar” in 2015 after my husband, Ted, retired.

We’ve been repeatedly surprised and delighted ever since we trusted God for our healthcare and joined CHM, and in many ways 2017 has been a banner year for us.

Without warning or any prior indication something was wrong, On Feb. 17 Ted suffered an episode of night terrors and sleepwalking. Asleep, he ran straight into a first-story window and fell backwards into the room, suffering serious head and arm lacerations. He also had pain in his neck and shoulders that he said felt like a pinched nerve. (We later learned he had broken two bones in his neck.)

After he woke he insisted I drive him to the hospital rather than calling for an ambulance. Under the circumstances I called the ambulance. Unbeknownst to me, God was already protecting us because we later learned that transporting him in our vehicle could have caused further injury or even paralysis.

Ted had to be transported to a larger medical center. After emergency surgery and recovery time, the bills began to arrive and quickly added up to nearly $91,000.

We had never before submitted a medical need to CHM, but soon God brought to mind the many testimonies I’d read on the ministry’s website and in the monthly magazine.

Not only was it fairly simple to submit our medical bills for sharing, we also had great success in obtaining discounts of 30 to 80 percent on our bills—nearly $51,000 in all. CHM members shared the remaining $40,000.

If that wasn’t enough to thank God for, we received a large pile of comforting cards, drawings, notes and handmade items from brothers and sisters in Christ we have never met! They took the time to reach out to us and, more importantly, to pray for us.

I had been amazed to read other members’ stories of such blessings, but it was almost indescribable to experience them ourselves. We will always treasure those comforting expressions of love and support.

Ted has healed nicely and is back to normal, with the exception of a small titanium plate in his neck.

Further blessings are piling up even as I write this testimony. I underwent a long-awaited knee replacement surgery on July 18. With Ted’s accident behind us, I wasn’t the least bit concerned about how the bills would be paid. Everything went smoothly and CHM shared about $17,500 after discounts.

We’re full of gratitude and love for CHM staff and members. Most of all, we’re humbled and thankful for how our gracious and amazing Lord sustained us!

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