Stephen Clark, Murrieta, CA

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Christian Healthcare Ministries was—and still is—an answer to prayer.

My wife, Susan, and I learned of CHM when our old health care program was close to expiring. We became Gold and Brother’s Keeper members in April 2015. It was the first of many answered prayers.

I was a firefighter prior to CHM. Consequently my knees took quite a beating, and my right knee was replaced in May 2012. Perhaps it was the years after that of favoring my bad knee that weakened the left. My left knee finally took a turn for the worse in October 2015, and I knew a second artificial knee would soon be part of my future.

As per the CHM Guidelines, we knew my condition was pre-existing and, because I was in my first year of CHM membership, I received $15,000 to share my eligible medical bills for this condition.

My wife and I sought quotes from two hospitals to make the most of the $15,000. The first hospital estimated my surgery at $80,000 but reduced the bill to $18,000. The second hospital gave us a rate of $14,000.

We chose the second hospital and factored in the additional surgeon fee and anesthesiologist fees. All expenses accounted for, my surgery would total $20,000. CHM faithfully shared $15,000 through the pre-existing schedule and encouraged me to publish the remaining $5,000 on the Prayer Page because members have faithfully donated above their monthly gift amount in order to meet these needs.

The Lord has blessed us with financial stability, however, and we felt we could bear the remaining $5,000 so that others who might be in greater need would benefit from the valuable Prayer Page program.

Although our family opted out of the Prayer Page, I am increasingly encouraged each time I read the number of CHM members who willingly help their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ—despite having never met. Our only bond is the cross and the health care needs we help each other meet affordably.

I’m generally positive and upbeat, but there were times when even I wondered (and worried) how things would turn out physically. It’s natural, I suppose. Yet in those times, I knew it was all in God’s hands. Several men from my church prayed with me when visiting my home. What a blessing.

The surgery and recovery went well, and my new knee is great. I tell people that if I cross my legs, my two steel knees will find magnetic north. I walk several miles a day, hike and ride my bike regularly. I feel great!

Receiving answers to my bill sharing questions was easy thanks to the CHM staff. I wish all customer service teams were as nice and helpful. Members submitting needs for the first time often experience a learning curve, and we were no different. We’re grateful that all of the information we needed was in the CHM Guidelines or on the website. Any difficulty we had in submitting our bills turned out to be because we didn’t read them properly. We live and learn.

We would—and do—recommend CHM to others. In fact, we recently recruited some new members. CHM is now their answer to prayer.

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