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Stephen and Jennifer Miller of Torrington, Conn. received health cost support for the birth of their children through CHM’s maternity program. Our staff asked the families about their experiences. Here’s what they told us:

Christian Healthcare Ministries: What did you name your children and when were they born?

Jennifer Miller: Our twins Eli David Miller and Gracie Mae Miller were born April 25, 2013.

CHM: How did you hear about CHM and when did you join?

JM: When my husband had a job change, the cost of insurance offered by his employer was more than our monthly mortgage payment. We also would be stuck with a high deductible. The option was unaffordable and unattractive.

CHM’s maternity program had a lot to do with our decision. Our three-year-old son, Nathan, was born while we had regular insurance and we paid a lot of money out-of-pocket because we had a $5,000 deductible. We knew we wanted another child, though we are overjoyed that God thought two more would be better! The cost savings of going with CHM rather than insurance were so drastic that it was an easy choice. We signed up for the Gold level so that I would receive the greatest level of cost support with my next pregnancy.

CHM: When you first found out you were pregnant, what did you do?

JM: I called the CHM office, not really knowing what to expect. Truthfully, I was very nervous because it was our first experience asking CHM to share our medical bills. Doubt began to creep in. “This all sounds too good to be true,” I thought to myself.

I explained my situation to a CHM representative. He made me feel loved and appreciated and gave me confidence that I would receive help. He put me in contact with Lori Perko, who handled most of my maternity needs and questions throughout the entire process. She was always quick to respond and extremely helpful in getting my bills submitted, reduced and shared in a timely manner. I learned that many health care providers offer deeper discounts if bills are paid in 30 to 60 days. CHM always came through and sent funds within the time frame my providers requested in order to receive the largest bill discounts.

CHM: Let’s talk numbers. What was the total cost of your pregnancy?

JM: After negotiating with providers, we received $13,350 in reductions. CHM then shared $29,388 in maternity care costs.

CHM: The average cost of giving birth is between $5,000 and $10,000. Your pregnancy cost much more than that. Did you have complications?

JM: Due to my age and because I was carrying twins, I was considered high risk. I had to have more ultrasounds than I would with a normal pregnancy. I also had to have two fetal non-stress tests per week during the last six weeks. CHM shared the cost of all of my bills, with no hassles!

CHM: Would you recommend CHM’s maternity program to other families desiring children?

JM: I am so impressed with Christian Healthcare Ministries. I talk to everyone about my experience. With insurance we would have paid more than $1,000 per month for our coverage with an additional $5,000 deductible. Our experience with CHM was simple, efficient and hassle-free!

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