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Cadence Sophia Libman was born to Steven and Grace Libman of Toms River, N.J., on Sept. 29, 2013. As CHM members, the Libmans had excellent provision for their maternity costs. Our staff asked the couple about their experience:

Christian Healthcare Ministries: How did you hear about CHM and why did you join?

Steven Libman: My wife, Grace, and I were both self-employed and had no health care coverage. After “rolling the dice” for a few years, we knew we needed some protection. The CHM maternity program was definitely a determining factor in our decision because we knew God had a family planned for us.

CHM: What did you do when you found out you were pregnant?

SL: We called CHM to let them know we were expecting and asked what to do next. First, we were heartily congratulated. Then, the steps were laid out for us. Michelle Rhoads in the Member Assistance department and Naomi Watson in Needs Processing were amazing in handling our needs. Both were very responsive, told me how to collect and submit bills, and congratulated me on obtaining such large bill discounts.

CHM: How much did your pregnancy cost?

SL: Grace’s pregnancy went very smoothly with no complications to speak of, but still our “retail” cost of everything amounted to just over $25,000, including prenatal, the hospital, etc. The prenatal bill cost of approximately $5,600 was reduced to $3,500. CHM shared this bill before I paid more than $200 out-of-pocket. What a blessing to walk into the doctor’s office every month and know our bills were paid!

The birth was costly but greatly reduced via discounts. We worked out a payment plan with the hospital to avoid paying out of pocket all at once. Within 60 days of submitting our bills to CHM, we were able to pay our medical bills in full and satisfy our obligations. And, because of our negotiated discounts, we didn’t have to pay our $500 personal responsibility.

CHM: Would you recommend CHM to family and friends?

SL: I recommend CHM to everyone. My household cost is $150 per person at the best level (Gold). If I obtained health insurance on my own—as a healthy 30-year-old—the cost would be $288 just for me. This price wouldn’t include the additional costs of co-insurance or co-pays.

Many of my extended family members have health insurance through their jobs or government agencies, but no one can say that the birth of their son or daughter cost them nothing, except me! We have been blessed to find CHM.

CHM: What, in your opinion, is the best thing about being a CHM member?

SL: I think the cost-sharing idea implemented by CHM that’s based on biblical principles is a life-changing, life-saving and obviously life-giving ministry! Dealing with the joy of a birth or the pain of an illness shouldn’t be followed by mounting medical bills, financial stress and strain. CHM has found a biblical way to put those frustrations at ease. I expect Christian Healthcare Ministries will continue to explode in growth.

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