Sven & Angie Holt, Glendale, AZ

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My husband, Sven, and I heard about CHM and liked the concept of helping fellow believers, the ministry’s financial accountability and the low cost.

Soon after joining in Jan. 2017 we learned the wisdom of our decision when our 16-year-old son was injured during a ski trip with some families from our church.

On Feb. 2, Nathan called me to say that he’d fallen and hurt himself. Since he was several hours away I didn’t know the extent of his injury. Thankfully, after an emergency room visit his condition was stable and we had a little time to figure out what should be done.

My first call was to our local chiropractor for advice and my second call was to CHM.

Nathan had a fractured collarbone and underwent surgery the following week. His bills were about $40,000.

At first I was concerned about which hospital Nathan should go to, but as CHM members we were able to choose the one that offered the best self-pay discount. We really appreciated the flexibility and even obtained discounts exceeding our Bronze program Personal Responsibility* amount, which drastically reduced our out-of-pocket costs.

Nathan healed quickly and today is doing very well! He didn’t even need any physical therapy.

We’re grateful that CHM was able to help us so soon after joining. God used the ministry to teach us that He is able and willing to provide and that His people are meant to take care of each other. It has been an amazing experience.

*Editor’s note: Discounts that you help obtain on your eligible medical bills are applied toward your Personal Responsibility amount (Silver: $1,000 per incident; Bronze: $5,000 per incident). This feature is unique to CHM. To learn more, see Guideline G at

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