Tabitha Alloway, Edna, KS

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I joined CHM in late 2013. In summer 2015 I experienced symptoms which my nurse practitioner thought could be due to uterine fibroids. She ordered an ultrasound scan.

I went home from the hospital after the scan. That afternoon my nurse practitioner called to tell me that I apparently had an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, which is when a baby starts to grow outside the womb. This type of pregnancy is almost always fatal for the child.

It was a Friday afternoon when my nurse practitioner called from out of town. Since her office was located two hours away from my house, she didn’t know of any OB/GYN doctors in my area. She instructed me to immediately go to the hospital emergency room.

I was shocked and frightened. As I lay on the hospital bed awaiting the results of the pregnancy test, I went through a gamut of questions and emotions:

Was I pregnant? Were we going to lose a baby? Was I facing surgery?

One comfort my husband, Cliff, and I had in the midst of the turmoil was knowing that we had our CHM family to stand behind us, no matter what happened. I also knew that God was with me and would sovereignly rule in this situation.

To our great relief, my pregnancy test came back negative. However, I had a dangerously large cyst in my fallopian tube. I followed up with my nurse practitioner and she gave me a prescription to help eliminate the cyst while she monitored the situation closely. She warned me to be very careful because if it burst I would end up in the emergency room again—this time I’d need surgery for sure.

Family and friends prayed, and during several check-ups we could see the cyst gradually shrinking. A month or so later I went to see my nurse practitioner for another scan. I asked her if the cyst could be gone by then. “Oh no,” she replied, “That was way too big. It will take much longer for it to disappear.”

But the scan revealed no cyst. It was completely gone. She couldn’t believe it. I smiled and said, “I’ve had people praying for me.”

God was good and everything worked out. I felt a bit overwhelmed at first with the process of requesting and submitting itemized bills to CHM, but I received friendly help from the staff members. After I understood what I needed to do, everything went smoothly. I received a 25 percent self-pay discount from the hospital and other health care providers. Ministry members shared my remaining bills.

I have recommended CHM to others I know. This is a ministry that has blessed us. Thank you, thank you.

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