Tina Haller, Cerritos, CA

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My husband’s cancer diagnosis in January 2016 was devastating for our family. But because God knew we would need the financial support of the CHM family during such a time, He led us to the ministry the year before—provision for which we’re very grateful.

In the first few weeks of the year Scott experienced pain every time he swallowed, so we made an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor. CHM members have flexibility to choose their own doctors and hospitals; that flexibility enabled us to find the right doctors and receive the best care.

A series of physician referrals and tests soon revealed a mass in Scott’s tongue. A subsequent biopsy confirmed that the tumor was cancerous.

Upon learning this sad news, we quickly worked with doctors to prepare for his cancer treatment. We prayed constantly, and many people prayed with and for us. We placed our trust in God and His faithfulness got us through each day.

I kept one of the CHM billing statements (Member Gift Form) letters on my nightstand. It read, “We want every member to have an excellent experience in every aspect of the ministry. Excellent experiences are crucial. Our efforts are devoted to removing from you the weight of concern surrounding your medical bills.”

These words encouraged me and reminded me of the ministry’s desire to help our family in our time of need. Because they eased my financial concerns, I could pour my energy into helping my husband get well.

The last year has been long because we’ve faced surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and recovery. We deeply appreciate the CHM family’s financial support. After nearly $75,000 in provider discounts, ministry members kindly shared more than $150,000 in medical bills.

Now, it’s with great joy that we share our recent good news: Scott’s latest MRI shows no evidence of cancer! We praise God for His healing touch, and we pray He blesses you who have been a blessing to us.

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