Unexpected C-section adds extra costs, new mother “so thankful” for CHM, Anna Smith, Midland, Texas

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When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, Vivian, I called my midwife to make sure she could add my name to her list before her schedule filled up. I wanted to have a homebirth, and I was excited that—as a Gold member—the midwife maternity costs would be shared.

I had a normal pregnancy until my 18-week checkup, when we heard an irregular heartbeat. To ease our concerns, I went for an ultrasound to see how Vivian was developing. The technician assured me all looked well. However, the irregular heartbeat was present at my next visit, too.

My midwife recommended I visit a specialist for another ultrasound and a second opinion. The doctor told me the irregular heartbeats were premature atrial contractions that the baby would most likely outgrow. She eventually did, but that was not the end of our difficulties.

Around 32 weeks, I felt extremely ill; my midwife discovered an infection was the cause. Even with medicine, extra checkups, blood work and tests, my midwife and I were not convinced that a natural birth would be safe for the baby. With that in mind, we scheduled a C-section.

I was concerned about submitting extra bills, especially since CHM had already processed the cost of my midwife. When I called the CHM office, the staff members were very helpful and understanding. They assured me that the extra costs were eligible for sharing, minus the amount my midwife had designated for the delivery, since it would now take place at the hospital. (Editor’s note: See the CHM Guidelines for more information.)

The total cost for my pregnancy and delivery was almost $26,000. However, discounts reduced the cost by 50 percent. Every time we received a check in the mail from CHM, we still felt surprised by these wonderfully amazing gifts.

The Gold level maternity program was an important factor in my decision to join CHM, and having experienced the advantages personally, I recommend it to others. CHM staff members are friendly and helpful when answering questions, the online Member Portal provides a simple and convenient way to submit needs, and medical bills are shared quickly. Best of all, you’ll never pay for more than three units, so you can add more children without increasing your membership cost.

Vivian is now 10 months old, and all our medical bills have been shared. I’m so thankful for the kind and thoughtful staff who encouraged me as I submitted bills and navigated pregnancy complications. I love being a part of the CHM family!

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