Vickie Morris, Charlotte, NC

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In 2014, my husband, John, and I researched our health care options.

I was turned down by a medical cost-sharing program because I have epilepsy. However, that organization referred us to Christian Healthcare Ministries. I joined at the Gold level in March 2014.

A month later I suffered a migraine with symptoms so serious I went to the emergency room. In the following weeks I experienced unusual recurring headaches.

My condition worsened rapidly to the point that I had vision problems. I went to the eye doctor in May. He referred me to a neurologist, who scheduled an MRI. The results showed a tumor growing on my optic nerve. In June I underwent neurosurgery to remove the tumor.

All the while I prayed, “Lord, I need you to walk me through this. I’m not sure I understand it all.” I couldn’t see well, was in pain and wasn’t even sure what questions to ask. A friend of mine, Jane, was kind enough to drive me to my doctor appointments, take notes, and ask my doctor all the right questions.

I called CHM staff member Dick Lupton because he was the one who helped John and me sign up for CHM. He was kind and helped me understand how to submit bills to the ministry. I also spoke with Amanda Moore, my Needs Processing representative, who was patient, caring and competent. At first, I didn’t easily grasp what information I needed to send to CHM because of the medicine I was taking, but in time the process became much easier.

This incident was my first experience with CHM and being on the Prayer Page (as my condition was pre-existing). I was concerned about how long it would take for my bills to be shared. However, once the paperwork was in order I began receiving a check each month.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude because I had never before experienced God working through His people in this way.

I received a discount on all my medical bills except one. So far, CHM members have shared $22,732 of my bills and I have $53,862 remaining. Today I’m doing much better. I’ve had a few complications since my surgery, but the Lord always sees me through. I’ll soon undergo a follow-up MRI to see if my tumor has returned.

Through my medical condition, God has deepened my trust and faith in Him. I’ve had to learn patience because my recovery has been slow. I’ve had very hard days and others that were sweet because I was resting in Him. I know He has gone before me, beside me and behind me from the beginning. I’ve felt His arms around me when I couldn’t see, and I enjoyed my quiet times with Him in a way I’ll never forget.

When people ask how we’ve adjusted to this major change in our lives, we share information about CHM. We show them the Prayer Page and the ministry’s website so we can answer their questions. I tell them how fellow Christians have helped with my medical bills and explain that we pray for each other, send cards and provide financial support.

Thank you, fellow CHM members, for your expressions of care and concern; you have blessed me in many ways. On my not-so-good days, I reread your cards and letters. I also appreciate the encouragement and help I received from CHM staff and the lovely Scripture verse cards enclosed with each check from the ministry office.

It is my privilege to walk this road with you.

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