Virginia Rawe, Lincoln, NB

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My husband, Matthew, and I became engaged in 2014. We knew we wanted to have children soon after we were married, so finding an affordable healthcare program that would help with maternity expenses was high on our priority list.

That’s when Matthew’s sister told us about health cost sharing. She is a CHM member and was excited to share information with us. We were intrigued and liked that a family’s Gold monthly gift amount doesn’t surpass $450 regardless of how many children they have. We were also relieved to learn that joining the Brother’s Keeper program increases the $125,000 limit per illness.*

After our wedding Matthew called CHM to make sure we understood before we became pregnant the sharing process and how to submit medical expenses.** In late 2015 we learned we were pregnant with our first child, Emma.

At the first visit with our healthcare provider, the financial advisor told us the global charge amount that was due prior to delivery. As self-pay patients, we received an immediate 20 percent discount.

This was the case for nearly every provider whose services we used. By simply asking, we received discounts and worked out payment plans that would fit within our budget until we received the reimbursement check from CHM. Though some providers didn’t initially offer a discount, follow-up phone calls often made the difference.

We were blessed to give birth to our beautiful baby girl on July 1, 2016 and encountered no complications—something for which we’re very grateful. Even so, before discounts our bills totaled $21,681.

After we submitted Emma’s birth expenses, CHM shared our discounted balance of $13,422. It was the first time we’d used the ministry so we weren’t sure what to expect. Now, having experienced the sharing process ourselves, we couldn’t be happier to be part of believers sharing each other’s medical expenses.

We’re now expecting our second child and are using CHM’s maternity program for the second time. We recommend the ministry to any couple who wants to add to their family!

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**Maternity information, including a downloadable step-by-step guide, is available at

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