Virginia Soultz, Jonesboro, IN

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I was born with hip dysplasia that wasn’t discovered until 18 months old, when I struggled to learn how to walk. Doctors saw that I didn’t have a hip socket. After traction (the use of mechanisms to gently pull and stretch ligaments), I was in a body cast for many weeks.

Later, I wore leg braces to align my femur to the correct placement. But because I had no socket, doctors said I would never walk.

To their amazement, I walked into my follow-up appointment. X-rays revealed a hip socket—a miracle from God—that served me well for more than 45 years.

I learned, however, that years of wear and tear would eventually cause me to need a total hip replacement. As a 31-year-old mother at the time, I prayed I could tolerate the pain until my kids (then one and six years old) were self-sufficient. Today they are 15 and 20; God answered my prayer.

In early 2015, my husband called CHM to make sure we understood the sharing process before pursuing surgery. We filled out the Needs Processing forms* and submitted itemized medical bills. Though time-consuming, we understood the necessity since CHM members are technically self-pay patients.

We received numerous discount offers from the hospital and surgeons for any prompt payments—and many for being self-pay. CHM then shared the remaining $75,778 for my medical bills.

For many years, taking steps was somewhat painful, but each one was also a reminder of God’s gracious hand on my life—and His miraculous provision for me. Surgery was another step in that process. He provided for me and was faithful, just as He has always been.

My recovery should have included four to six weeks of not bearing weight on my left leg, but the doctor was so pleased after surgery that he put me under no restrictions. There was very little bruising and swelling. Today I walk pain-free!

Throughout my recovery, I received cards, encouragement and many prayers. I’m amazed at the power and love of the Body of Christ. James 5:16 instructs believers to confess their sins and pray with others for healing because “the prayer of a righteous man avails much.” I believe it.

God’s provision for my surgery is confirmation that He is still actively involved in my life. What a humbling and comforting realization. Thank you, CHM family, for faithfully serving us in our time of need. I give God all the praise and glory.

*Editor’s note: The Needs Processing forms are available on by clicking “How it Works” > “Medical Care and Bills” > “Needs Processing Forms.” Another option is to electronically complete the forms and submit your medical bills by logging into your online Member Portal account at and clicking the “Submit Medical Need Online” menu item.

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