Wilderness rescue: Member rescued from Three Sisters Wilderness and miraculously healed, Dani Wright, Springfield, Ore.

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Dani Wright, Springfield, Ore.

One day, I was trail riding with my sister in the Three Sisters Wilderness area in Oregon. My mule zigged and I zagged, hitting a large ponderosa tree. I was knocked out and fell off my mule, who dragged me a few feet.

I woke up and thought I could get up—but my left leg wouldn’t work. Then my arm stopped working. My sister insisted on calling 911. What I didn’t know at that moment was that I had a brain bleed from hitting the tree, and shortly after, I had a stroke.

God was with me the whole time. I was never scared and wasn’t in any pain, even as I was transferred from a four-wheel unit to an ambulance, and then to a helicopter. Strapped in and looking up, I prayed, “I’m looking up at You. What path do You have for me?”

When I was transported to the trauma center, the doctor thought I was crazy. He told me several days later, “You came in to a trauma center talking miracles and faith healings, when in my mind you were a bag of broken bones and internal injuries.”

After five days in the hospital, I then moved to rehab for 10 more days. As a Gold-level member and self-pay patient in control of my healthcare, I could choose where to receive care. I visited with my doctors and nurses, using prayer to guide me with decisions to put my dollars and discounts to the best use.

Through this, God gave me the opportunity to share Christ. I shared my faith with prayers and posts from friends in my room. The head of therapy followed my progress and we were able to share the love of the Lord with my circumstances.

My physical therapist said I had “traumatic healing.” I had numbness and tingling in my right hand and was dropping things. An MRI showed bulging discs and a lima bean-sized growth inside my spine. I was told not to ski, ride, or get rear-ended in a car.

But, through Christ, my healing was completed. I was disappointed at first when I read I had scarring on my C3-C4 vertebra. Then I remembered that Jesus had scars on his palms.

I have a newfound appreciation for what God’s given me. What a miracle it is to be alive to enjoy each day!


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