Healthwatch_anxiety.jpg Healthwatch: What if I feel anxious, but don't have an anxiety disorder?

Anxious thoughts can bother anyone, even if you don’t have an anxiety disorder. What should you do about stress or anxiety about a big project, change, or difficult season of life? Dr. Jacobson shares some very practical, low-cost steps one can take to rein in out-of-control nerves.

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Jesus-changed-the-world.jpg Jesus: The One who changed the world (Part 7)

The Declaration of Independence states everyone is “endowed by their Creator with a certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” But what are real liberty and true freedom? The Bible gives us key insights about what freedom is and how we can experience it in Christ.

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MYS.jpg Meet your staff: Ryan Miller, Melody Laster, Jason Breda

Meet your staff: Ryan Miller, Melody Laster, Jason Breda

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