legacy_employee_feature.jpg Meet CHM’s longest-serving staff members

In honor of CHM’s 40th birthday, we present CHM’s top two longest-serving employees! They work hard, and serve CHM members in tremendous ways.

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40-day-prayer.jpg 40 days of prayer—and watching God move

God can do marvelous things in 40 days, and that’s why we’re challenging you to spend 40 days with us in prayer, starting on Oct. 1.

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bday celebration graphics-03.jpg Celebrating 40 years of service—and many more to come (part 10)

It was a bright October morning in 1981, when a small-town minister in northern Ohio loaded his family into a van and headed out to a ministry engagement. A few moments later, they got into a horrific traffic accident that claimed the lives of his wife and one of their children, and left the remaining family members hospitalized with injuries.

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