joyful-living-in-troubled-times.jpg Jesus: The One who changed the world (Part 8)

Did you know that there are health benefits to joyful living? Studies found that joyful living contributed to a nearly 30% reduction in heart disease for healthy people with a genetic predisposition to the disease. Joy is important—especially for Christians. Not only for the associated health benefits, but also because it is a fruit of the Spirit

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healthwatch-fear-or-anxiety.jpg Healthwatch: Is it fear or anxiety?

As you address anxiety in your life, it’s helpful to know what exactly you’re dealing with. Is it anxiety or fear? Dr. Jacobson addresses distinctions and gives helpful tips on how to deal with anxiety and fear as a Christian.

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10-tips-for-a-safe-summer.jpg Summer safety tips

As you enjoy summer, with the long days, exciting vacations, and time spent with family, it’s also an important time to think through how you’re staying safe as a family.

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