3b-Blood-Pressure.png When should I see a doctor about my blood pressure?

I am a 63-year-old male with what I believe is a borderline high blood pressure reading of 149/88. I do not have a personal physician who I see regularly. What would you recommend I do, if anything, about my blood pressure?

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Filling the hungry with good things.png Filling the hungry with good things

It’s our job as parents and caregivers to offer healthy, nutritious options to the children in our lives. Here are a few easy, healthy and nutritious snack options to consider throughout the summer and beyond.

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Celiac disease.png Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity—the deciding factor

What I’ve seen from my own internet research, these symptoms together sound like I might have dermatitis herpetiformis (DH). What do you think I should do?

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