Boosting-moods-banner.png Boosting your mood as the days grow shorter

Food can lend a hand in boosting your mood, so if you're feeling a little bit down, try some of these foods!

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Dec_2020_Tired.png Sleep apnea: First steps

A member wrote:

My husband suffers from asthma and COPD; his coughing keeps him awake at night and disrupts daily living. The medical doctor put him on antibiotics, steroids, an inhaler and another medication. We are considering natural alternatives and need your advice in this area. The natural supplements he began taking help a little.

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HeartPalpitations.png Heart palpitations resolved: Dietary potassium and reduced stress

I have occasional palpitations. My doctor said I have inappropriate sinus tachycardia and suggested a beta blocker. As I tried to lower my stress levels and eat better, my palpitations stopped. Is medication necessary and worth the risk of side effects?

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