CHM: a great complement to Medicare Part 2: How does it work for CHM members?

From the October 2019 issue of Heartfelt Magazine.

Editor’s note: To read part 1 of this article series (“An overview of Medicare”), see the September issue of Heartfelt Magazine. Most of this information is also available on the CHM website's Medicare page.

Why should I be a CHM member while I’m on Medicare?

As healthcare costs increase, it’s wise to be ready if a medical event occurs. Though Medicare Parts A and B likely will cover the majority of your healthcare costs, it’s not uncommon for senior citizens to find themselves with large dollar amounts of unpaid medical bills. As a CHM member, you can be confident that the ministry will share the remaining amount of your eligible bills according to the ministry’s Guidelines.

Why do I have to go on Medicare? Why can’t I join or continue with CHM only?

CHM is always secondary to other payment sources, which means financial provision through all other sources must be used before CHM members can share your medical bills. CHM requires members—of any age—to apply for financial assistance in order to help reduce overall costs and keep membership affordable. When financial gift amounts are low, more believers can afford to join CHM.

Will CHM ever create a program specifically for people on Medicare?

CHM has evaluated adding a program specifically for members of Medicare age. However, the Gold program ($150 per person, per month) is comparable to the cost of Medicare supplements and works very well for Medicare-participating members.

How does the CHM Gold program work with Medicare?

Medical incidents for CHM members of Medicare-age are easily handled in four steps:

1. Medicare Parts A and B pay their portion of your qualifying medical charges and send you a Medicare Summary Notice. Please note: if you choose to go to a provider who does not accept Medicare, CHM can only share 20 percent of your eligible medical charges. For your benefit, please choose healthcare providers who accept Medicare.

2. You submit your Medicare Summary Notice—along with CHM’s medical bill processing forms—to the ministry.

  • If your provider gives you an additional discount, write in the discount amount and the adjusted total owed on your MSN before sending it to CHM.
  • Gold members only: Please send itemized bills for prescriptions only.

3. CHM processes your eligible charges and sends you a check to share the balance Medicare doesn’t pay.

4. You pay your provider(s) directly for any balance due.

Adding Brother’s Keeper to your Gold program means that there’s no limit to the dollar amount of bills eligible for sharing. More information about Brother’s Keeper costs is on our website.

Silver and Bronze, though good programs, can only share surgery bills or medical bills incurred in a hospital. Therefore, there’s no reason to offer them to CHM members on Medicare.

What are the advantages of CHM as a complement to Medicare?
  • Your monthly financial gift never increases because of your age or medical conditions
  • One free month for each new family you bring to CHM
  • No application or annual fee (there is a $40 annual fee per membership in Brother’s Keeper)
  • No physical required
  • The joy that comes from knowing that each financial gift goes to help a fellow Christian in need—and knowing that other Christians are faithfully standing by to help you! (Luke 6:38).
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