How to pray for CHM during the coronavirus pandemic

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Thoughts by Pastor Dale Henneman, CHM Chaplain

The CHM staff is serving and praying for you during this pandemic; they would also appreciate your prayers for them.

Everything CHM does to serve you is blanketed in prayer. In Colossians 4:2, Paul wrote, “Continue steadfastly in prayer.” CHM staff pray for you prior to starting their shifts, picking up the phone, answering your email and speaking with providers.

We firmly believe it’s equally important for members to pray for the ministry and CHM staff. Nothing we purpose to do can be done without God. We’re in the strongest financial position we’ve ever been—thanks to God. We’re continuing to expand and grow—thanks to God. Yet, even though we’re in a strong place, we still need your faithful prayers.

You can support the CHM staff through prayer in the following ways:

Pray for staff wearing masks as they serve you.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that masks are not comfortable. It’s hard to communicate while wearing a mask, and they can make it difficult to breathe. Most of all, they’re daily reminders that things are not as they should be.

Pray that CHM staff can feel God’s touch while facing mask regulations. Pray that they would feel His grace and that God would use this experience to bring each staff person closer to Himself.

Pray for the staff’s effectiveness as government directives and recommendations continue to change.

As the government and CDC learn more about COVID-19, required protocol continues to change. CHM’s daily operating procedures have shifted to keep employees safe and to adhere to the counsel of the government. Pray that employees will be graced with flexibility and the ability to adapt. Change can be hard to embrace, but at a time when it feels like rules are changing daily, pray that the CHM staff is efficient as ever.

Pray for the staff’s personal safety.

CHM implemented many procedures to keep the staff as safe as possible, but ultimately the Lord has the power to make these procedures effective. Pray that CHM staff stay healthy and safe in the midst of this virus so they can continue to serve members well.

Thank you for your prayers for us as we continue to serve and pray for you.

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