How to stay fit when it's cold outside

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As you spend more time inside for the colder months, consider protecting your health. Exercise and fitness help with both physical and mental well-being—important during the darker and drearier months. Instead of waiting until the New Year to make noncommittal resolutions, here are some budget-friendly ideas to stay healthy now.

Rec center programs

A recreational center, or community center, is a public building offering different activities for the local community, often including fitness programs and sports clubs. Because it’s publicly instead of privately owned, membership fees stay minimal and you get the perks of a gym at a much more reasonable price, or, in many cases, without charge.

Set up a home gym

Setting up a small home gym can be a little pricey up front, but eventually it saves you money—so long as you’re consistent. By shopping used and researching for deals, you can set up a home gym for less than $1,000. Different types of exercises can also influence how much you spend. For instance, a bench-press costs far more than a jump rope. Research what your home gym essentials consist of and start looking for deals.

Home workout plan

If you don’t want to buy workout equipment, you can still develop a home workout routine without it. Here are some great ways to get a full body workout at home without equipment:

  • Core workouts. We use our core muscles for nearly everything. From planks to crunches to shoulder taps, there’s a multitude of great core exercises you can do without any equipment needed.
  • Cardio workouts. Cardio is a great way to get your heart pumping and your body sweating. Jumping jacks, burpees, and squat jumps are three examples of exercises to get your body moving.
  • Pilates. Pilates is an excellent way to strengthen your core, tone your muscles, and relax your mind. Pilates also has physical and mental relaxation perks of its poses and breathing techniques.
  • Dancing. If you’ve ever danced, you know how much of a workout it can be. And if you don’t know how to dance, there are free dance tutorials available online. As it’s a home workout, you don’t need to worry about embarrassing yourself with any funky dance moves!

Fall and winter sports

School-aged children aren’t the only ones who can play organized sports! Look to your local Facebook groups, online communities, YMCA, YWCA, and even your own church for opportunities to play all kinds of sports. Playing outdoor sports in cooler weather can even be more comfortable than in summer’s heat. And the best part? They’re fun!

Go running

Running in late fall and winter might not seem like a good time (or maybe you’re thinking any type of running doesn’t sound like a good time). However, cooler weather often makes for a much more pleasant experience. Running in the cold helps endurance, breathing, and overall comfort as you run less risk of overheating and overworking your system. And before you write off the idea, consider the perks of running:

  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Strengthened joints and muscles
  • Great way to stay healthy









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