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15-year-old with hip dysplasia receives life-changing care through Advantage Care Solution

By Holly & Troy La Porte, Lee’s Summit, Mo.

One day, my daughter said to me, “I can’t do it anymore.” Whenever Chloe played softball, she was dealing with intense recurring pain. 

This began revolving-door doctor visits: at one point I counted that I’d taken my 15-year-old to 12 different doctors.  Nobody could figure out what was wrong. A doctor even told her that her pain wasn’t real—it was all in her head. We felt so defeated.

Countless misdiagnoses and failed treatment plans later, we finally got the proper diagnosis. She had hip dysplasia—a condition where hip joints don’t grow properly and are too shallow to cover the femurs, thus creating instability and pain. The condition required surgery.

As we were looking into potential providers who could do the procedure Chloe needed, we contacted Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) for help. That’s when they told us about Advantage Care Solution (ACS).

CHM created ACS to help people struggling to navigate the healthcare system—people like us. Advantage Care Solution matched us with quality healthcare providers who specialized in the procedure Chloe needed.

It was challenging to find doctors who performed this surgery, and I remember wondering, how are they ever going to find a provider who could help us?

But they did. They researched quality doctors and helped guide us in the right direction. They expressed that they weren’t going to let us settle for anyone we weren’t 100% confident in. We felt empowered to make the best choice for Chloe.

When we found a physician we were happy with, CHM had no problem putting us on an airplane and getting myself, my husband, and Chloe all there. The pediatric surgeon explained the surgery to her in a way that wasn’t frightening. There was instant comfort and relief, especially coming from so many unsuccessful experiences.

CHM took great care of our expenses: surgery, flights, hotel, parking, and even a rental car. They were willing to pay a little more in travel expenses to make sure we received care from the provider who was best qualified to do Chloe’s procedure—that’s what really caught my attention.

CHM and ACS were like family, taking care of everything that we needed. Being CHM members has allowed us to make the best decisions for our daughter’s health without having to stress over the expenses and details. ACS enabled us to receive quality care with no traveling restrictions or setbacks. We are so blessed to have received the proper care for our daughter and to be a part of the CHM family.