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Long-term cancer fighter turns to the power of God for guidance

By Maria Abels, Round Rock, TX

I began experiencing what was thought to be just a stubborn cough, but after eight months of treatment for what we thought was seasonal allergies, I was diagnosed with lung cancer.

When receiving the diagnosis, the pulmonologist said that without treatment, I had five months to live and with treatment, a year at most. I was in shock.

My PET scan results revealed cancer was in my right lung, lymph nodes, liver, and bones. It quickly became a difficult and stressful time. I faced many decisions: choosing a doctor and treatment plan, confronting fears, side effects, and the mounting medical bills.

I’ve undergone chemotherapy treatments for six-and-a-half years with no breaks, far surpassing the pulmonologist’s gloomy forecast. The treatment showed signs of effectiveness, but unfortunately, the cancer came back two different times. This called for more testing and treatment. The heavy journey for myself and my family comprises of scheduled infusions, chemo, and radiation, but we don’t count any of these against us. God gave us the joy to use every opportunity for His glory, praying for other patients or staff at the cancer center.

A friend once asked me, “How are you truly doing?” I became teary as I explained the side effects I was experiencing from treatment.

He then asked, “What are you holding onto?”

I exclaimed: “Jesus!”

After receiving various forms of treatment, and considering everyday a gift of God’s grace, I began receiving positive results. God has been a constant source of hope, healing, and joy, as He continually sends prayer warriors from far and near to fight for us.

I’m so grateful for CHM and my fellow members. From getting encouragement from other CHM members, to reading their testimonies full of hope, to receiving their donations to help with the endless pile of medical bills, the CHM family has been a complete blessing to us. We thank God for the miracles He has provided and for the power of the ministry for providing us with both spiritual and financial relief in our times of need.