Medical bill sharing time shortened by 38 percent in 2020

Medical bill reimbursement sharing time for Christian Healthcare Ministries members has substantially shortened since the end of 2019—and work to further reduce sharing time continues.

Medical bill sharing is now generally taking between 75-90 days, approximately a 38 percent drop since the end of 2019.

“Sharing time is of great importance to CHM members and our staff,” said J. Craig Brown, CHM president and CEO. “Sharing time reductions help CHM members, their healthcare providers, the providers’ employees, hospitals—everyone who is in any way touched by a reimbursed bill.

“There is a great deal of work required to verify if bills are eligible for sharing,” he added. “Nevertheless, CHM staff have put in place new processes to whittle down the length of time needed to process and share medical bills. The work to shorten sharing time even further is continuing daily.”

CHM experienced a five-year period of exponential growth during which hundreds of thousands of members joined the ministry. The growth is principally fueled by the ministry’s Bring-a-Friend program (through which members receive a free month of membership for each new member they bring to the ministry) and increased with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, which made having health cost support a legal requirement.

“Christians typically obey the law,” Brown said. “As such, more Christians searched for—and found in CHM—a biblical solution to their healthcare costs.”
An increase in members saw a dramatic rise in the number and amount of medical bills being submitted for sharing.

The ministry added staff, improved its internal processes, used communication with members to cut down on the unnecessary forms or other information sent to the ministry that slows work on bill sharing and increased the monthly financial gift amounts.

The combination of these four actions saw a fall in sharing time. A year ago, sharing time peaked at an average of 150 days, a figure that has been shortened by up to 50 percent.

Said Brown, “This milestone has been an answer to prayer, the result of hard work, cooperation, support of our members and a constant focus on CHM as a ministry with the purpose of glorifying God and serving His people—and we will stay focused on our purpose.”

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