Meet your CHM staff: Tyler Hance and Kelley Wondrak

Editor’s note: This information was published in the November 2018 issue of Heartfelt Magazine, CHM’s monthly magazine that provides CHM membership-related tips and tricks, medical advice from doctors, testimonies from CHM members, and more. Please refer to the CHM Guidelines and applicable web pages for the most up-to-date information regarding CHM membership, sharing eligibility, and ministry news.

Tyler Hance and Kelley Wondrak work in the CHM department in which medical bill information is entered into the ministry’s database.

Tyler Hance

When did you become a Christian? When I was a young boy, my mom asked me if I wanted to accept Jesus into my heart. I said, “Yes!”

How do friends describe you? When I asked around, they said that I’m ornery, fun-loving, gentle, peaceful and a man of God.

Define true leadership. A true leader is someone who first knows how to be a true follower.

What’s the weirdest job you’ve held? For two years I was a meter reader for First Energy in Cleveland.

Name the character trait you admire most. Love.

What music is playing in your car right now? A playlist by Christian worship leader Daniel Eric Groves.

Kelley Wondrak

How did you become a Christian? I don’t ever remember a time without Christ in my life. At age 12 I officially surrendered my life to Him and was baptized in the Gulf of Mexico after attending a camp with my church. I’m so thankful He has always been my Shepherd.

Where did you work before CHM? For three years I worked for Mutual of Omaha in Independence, Ohio. My role involved recruiting and training sales agents and other recruiters.

What’s something you’d like members to know about CHM? We pray for you every day because we care about you and the medical situation you’re experiencing as if we were in your place. That’s our “company culture”—to care about our members as brothers and sisters in Christ.

What is your personal philosophy? When you do what you know is right, work hard and take care of others above yourself, God will ensure that the details of everything else fall into place.

What do you like to do outside of work? My husband and I have spent a number of nights and weekends fixing up a home we purchased in Oct. 2017. We also enjoy hiking, fly fishing, going to Mohican State Park (Loudonville, Ohio) and watching TV and movies.

What’s one thing you can’t resist? Cake is my weakness. I carry a fork in my car just in case!

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