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Parents, both faced with serious medical issues, helped by CHM

By Shawn and Nick Gignac, Parker, CO
Parents browsing internet on laptop

Our biggest challenge when starting our business was giving up our health insurance through our previous employer. A friend told us about CHM and the membership programs they offer. We found incredible advantages through CHM, and we joined the ministry.

The CHM Gold program seemed like the obvious choice for our family. It met our spiritual needs and was the perfect fit for our financial situation, given that it was still less expensive than our traditional insurance or better yet, anything offered in our home state’s marketplace insurance.

A few years after joining CHM, we faced our biggest fear: My husband and I both had major medical issues. I was diagnosed with stage two kidney cancer, and my husband urgently needed hip replacement surgery. We were at a loss for words and truly feared the future. The last thing we wanted to do was leave our family with a mountain of medical bills.

While we waited for CHM to share our medical bills, we experienced a flood of prayers and mailed cards that touched us deeply. We were so moved by the power and support of the ministry and its members. My nervousness was finally put to rest when we received full reimbursement for all our eligible medical bills. CHM fulfilled our spiritual needs and our financial ones. The various forms of encouragement gave us hope for healing and financial relief.

Although I am not quite out of the woods, my doctor remains surprised by my continuous progress. “As good as it can be!” is how she describes it, and I am left feeling truly blessed. We’re extremely grateful for all the members and staff who supported us and so grateful that God led us to join CHM.