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CHM’s Prayer Page is a way CHM members go above and beyond to carry the burdens of their fellow Christians. By donating towards medical bills for pre-existing conditions and writing encouraging cards full of prayer and Scripture, the Prayer Page has helped thousands of members.

Judy Nolley, when faced with her daughter’s cancer bills, didn’t know how she was going to pay for them. But God, through His people, knew exactly how He would carry her.

I still remember the day I got the call to explain that Alicia’s cancer bills would be eligible for sharing on the Prayer Page. I was parked at Walmart. After we hung up, I cried there in the parking lot and thanked the Lord for His provision.

As this is written, nearly $4 million in eligible medical bills have been shared on the Prayer Page. By the time you finish reading this article, that number will likely have increased. Each dollar represents a Christian voluntarily giving to help a brother or sister. Members have also sent cards of encouragement, prayed, and spiritually lifted one another up.

When Lisa Madsen’s unusual symptoms became a cancer diagnosis, she wasn’t sure how her brothers and sisters in Christ would help her. But she submitted her bills to CHM and trusted God.

Month by month, CHM members shared all my eligible bills. CHM really does “walk the walk” of our faith by carrying out its biblical mission of sharing with other believers in need. I really have felt a connection to other members of CHM and the Body of Christ.

The Prayer Page is a clear example of how the Holy Spirit works through members. The spiritual and financial support that hurting members receive is a clear example of the love of God.

Alicia Coombs, when facing back surgery and mounting medical bills, found the Prayer Page a way God reiterated His love and care for her.

The spiritual and relational support I received while on CHM’s Prayer Page are testaments to how well the ministry of CHM functions. Praise God for using this wonderful ministry to enact His faithfulness and provision for me. Over and over, God showed me I can trust Him with everything.

On behalf of all the members on the Prayer Page who have been spiritually and financially cared for through your donations, thank you for your love and compassion.

Visit our Prayer Page if you would like to learn how to carry one another’s burdens.

Important note: Prayer Page donations are tax deductible. Members who have donated to the Prayer Page in 2022 will receive a record of their total contributions at the end of the year for tax purposes. See for more information.

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