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How we find quality healthcare providers for you

By Michael D. Jacobson, D.O., M.P.H, CHM’s Medical Director
Young african american woman choosing healthcare providers on laptop

Quality and demand often determine price, but that’s not always the case with American healthcare. Instead, the opposite is often true. The lower the quality of care, the more mistakes become likely. Mistakes result in medical complications, which, in turn, inflates the cost.

A couple of years ago, a patient was in intensive care and on a mechanical ventilator. COVID-19 had destroyed both of his lungs, and he needed a double-lung transplant. His hospital wanted a whopping $2.2 million! A second hospital was willing to do the same procedure for around $800,000.

There are only about 50 double-lung transplants annually in America. The “cheaper” hospital did 45 of those procedures annually (and was thus clearly a “Center of Excellence”). But the hospital that wanted $2.2 million had never done a double-lung transplant before. In this case, the price didn’t equal quality.

How to find quality providers

We help you find the best healthcare available at the best price. This means looking at more than just price: It’s looking at the hospital’s quality, the doctor’s qualifications and licensing, and more.

We understand those details aren’t easily accessible, which is why we have two solutions that narrow down the search for you: the Maternity Care Solution (MCS) and the Advantage Care Solution (ACS). With each, we connect members with our nurse navigators, who understand the healthcare industry and research the best providers for what members need.

Additionally, members have access to the CHM-friendly provider list on the Member Portal. This is a list of providers who are excited to work with members and often offer special discounts.

As a CHM member, there’s no provider network. This means you’re free to visit whichever healthcare provider you’d like and can submit for sharing your medical bills that are eligible according to the CHM Guidelines. If you ever have a question about what’s eligible for sharing or would like to utilize ACS or MCS, contact our offices by calling (800) 791-6225 or emailing us at [email protected].