The CHM ministry standards [Standards No. 13(d) and 13(e)]

By Dave Tschantz, Vice President & General Counsel

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The CHM board of directors makes decisions that guide the ministry for our members, and last month I discussed No. 13(b) and No. 13(c) of CHM’s board-level standards: Standard No.13(b): The board shall publish the identities and biographical information of the directors of the Ministry; and 13(c): The board shall conduct all its affairs in a manner consistent with the generally accepted standards for non-profit organizations and the laws and rules of Ohio. They must also remain consistent with biblical principles.

This article discusses standards No. 13(d) and No. 13(e):

Standard No. 13(d): The board shall engage in proper budgeting, accounting, and financial management; and

Standard No. 13(e): The board shall avoid conflicts of interest through the establishment of and adherence to a conflict-of-interest policy.

Standard No.13(d), states one of the chief roles of any board of directors: oversight of an organization’s finances. The CHM board’s budget, financial and audit reports are an important part of every regular board meeting.

In compliance with Standard No. 13(e), the board has established, and periodically reviews, a stringent conflict-of-interest policy. In accordance with this policy, directors and the CEO annually submit a conflict-of-interest disclosure statement to board leadership, and all officers submit the same statement to the CEO. Any conflicts of interest are dealt with appropriately and immediately. CHM believes that a high level of accountability is the best way to make sure that the ministry is overseen and managed in a way that best serves our members.

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