The critical role that turning 40 plays in women’s health

By Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley, CHM Board Secretary

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Turning 40 years old can bring its host of joys—and medical concerns.

From mammograms to menopause, women’s health can shift quite a bit during these mid-life years. Hormone changes affect every aspect of not only a woman’s body, but her mind and emotions as well. The many external challenges in this season can also affect your marriage, job—everything.

Rather than letting midlife happen to you, you can choose to take the wheel and become the navigator of your midlife years. These steps will help you do that.

  1. Choose to be in charge. This is not to take God’s place; instead, it’s being proactive and focused in the many areas in which you do have choices.
  2. Care for your body. Be a friend to your body. The basics matter: regular exercise, healthy nutrition, and rest.
  3. Care for your mind. Be aware and spiritually guarded about what you allow into your mind and the thoughts you allow yourself to focus on.
  4. Care for your soul. There’s no expiration date on God’s purpose for you. Listen for His voice about the good things He has for you in this coming season. You can trust Him.

You don’t want to miss a moment of living fully alive! Scientific research shows that you can live younger longer, by caring for the body, mind, and soul God has entrusted you with.

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Editor’s note: Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley, M.D., D.Min., is a board-certified OB/GYN and ordained minister who serves on the CHM Board of Directors. Dr. Carol’s website is

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