Troubleshooting at the pharmacy counter

By Nancy Coveleskie, CHMRx 

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Editor’s note: CHMRx is a prescription discount card available to all CHM members. Learn more or request a card at

Buying generic medication and shopping for the best prices at CHMRx-participating pharmacies can help lower prescription costs.

When purchasing a new medication, it’s sometimes hard to know if you’ve received the correct discount. Price hikes are easier to detect when you’re buying a monthly maintenance drug. Factors which may cause increases are a universal price increase from the medication’s manufacturer or a change from one generic supplier to another. If your discount card information is improperly entered into the pharmacy system, it’s another reason for a price discrepancy or increase.

If a price goes up, be sure to bring it to the pharmacy technician’s attention. Ask to see their computer screen so you know what Rx BIN number exists in their system. (All pharmacies use BIN numbers to process prescription drug transactions.) The proper BIN numbers are printed on your CHMRx plastic or paper card. The Rx BIN number for CHMRx plastic cards is 009265. The Processor ID/Bin number for the paper cards is 610020.

If the pharmacy is using any other BIN number, ask them to use the proper one and see if it adjusts the price.

Being prepared before you head to the pharmacy can help:

  • Please don’t wait until you’re completely out of your medications to refill.
  • Check pharmacy ratings; often among the best are independent pharmacies or those in grocery stores
  • When possible, have an idea ahead of time of what the medication should cost. Ask different pharmacists.
  • Courtesy counts. Pharmacy staff members may receive extensive training on how to complete the transaction quickly so they can move onto the next customer, but they aren’t necessarily instructed in how to save you money. Again, this varies by pharmacy; some are well-trained in helping you achieve the lowest cost.
  • Have handy your BIN number from your card and the CHMRx Pharmacy Help Desk number (800-847-7147). Be your own best advocate!

If the pharmacy staff says that the “claim” won’t process with your BIN number or that your card is expired (your card does not expire), ask them to call the Pharmacy Help Desk number listed on your card. If you still don’t get resolution, you may need to purchase your medication, then contact CHMRx Member Services (fill out the troubleshooting form on or call 877-403-8233) to work on your behalf to resolve the problem.

CHMRx has saved ministry members millions of dollars on prescription costs. The best way to continue to save is to be aware and prepared.

To your health!

Editor’s note: The CHMRx prescription savings card is administered by a third party, not CHM. CHM staff members will be unable to assist you with your CHMRx-related questions.

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