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CHM Give: Love in action

By Christian Healthcare Ministries

Exciting news: the Prayer Page is now called CHM Give!

CHM Give is a solution for eligible maintained pre-existing conditions. It’s the same donation-based support from the CHM family but with a brand-new name that helps better highlight its ministry focus. Plus, it’s easier than ever to give through an updated web page with a streamlined donation process.


CHM Give enables members to voluntarily help fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Here’s how it works:

  • Members submit their medical bills to CHM. If the bills are for a maintained pre-existing condition, the eligible amounts may be shared through CHM Give.
  • Fellow members donate above and beyond their monthly contribution.
  • These extra funds go directly to share members’ medical bills for pre-existing conditions.
  • Through Christlike generosity, 100% of eligible medical bills are shared on a monthly basis. 

CHM Give reflects Christ’s compassion. In 2023 alone, members helped share over $3 million for medical bills related pre-existing conditions.

By creating connection, members can step in, stand together, and reach hearts with God’s love. CHM Give is a Holy Spirit inspired initiative, imparting hope and lifting the burden of eligible medical expenses during challenging circumstances.

Pre-existing conditions

As a health cost sharing ministry, CHM has two options for pre-existing conditions: the scheduled sharing for CHM Gold and CHM SeniorShare™, and CHM Give. It’s important to note that a condition must be considered maintained to be considered for sharing through CHM Give. To learn about the difference between active vs maintained pre-existing conditions, please see the CHM Guidelines.

It’s easier than ever to have a positive effect on the lives of fellow believers. Get started today by visiting CHM Give.

Christian Healthcare Ministries
Christian Healthcare Ministries and its members help carry the load for their brothers and sisters in Christ, reflecting the spiritual values outlined in Galatians 6:2.