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Why good health outcomes are important to you and CHM

By Michael Jacobson, D.O., M.P.H

While the term “health outcome” may be new to you, the idea of it is not.

In the medical world, a health outcome is the impact of the healthcare services you’ve received, including your health and quality of life after a procedure. An excellent outcome means that you’ve received the right treatments to improve your health and you had a positive experience with your provider throughout the medical event.

At CHM, we use the term to evaluate if our members are getting healthcare that’s improving their quality of life and if they have a good interaction with their provider by being able to communicate about their treatments and procedures, the provider is receptive to CHM’s method of sharing, and they’re charging fair market value for their services.

While CHM members can choose their own providers and manage their own healthcare decisions, we’re looking for more ways we can empower members to make the best, well-informed choices. We’ve begun piloting concepts to assist our members in getting the best health outcomes possible outcomes in four different areas:

  • Quality healthcare treatment
  • Lowest price
  • Best experience
  • Great provider experience

Quality healthcare treatment

We want you, our member, to fully recover with no lasting complications. To accomplish this, we know you need to get high-quality care. I’ll explain in a future article how to recognize healthcare quality.

Lowest price

We also want you to get the best price on your medical care. Many patients are unaware that, in America, there’s no correlation between the cost of medical care and the quality of that care. Paying more for a procedure doesn’t guarantee you’ll get better quality care. In fact, the reverse might be true.

The best way to secure the lowest possible price is to know in advance what the care will cost. While this concept is outside the current system norm, I believe the day will soon be here when transparent, up-front pricing is the rule, not the exception.

For example, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), like Surgery Center of Oklahoma and Wellbridge Surgical of Indianapolis, post their prices online. Patients (and their physicians) can go to their websites and look up a procedure and find exactly what the cost will be. Unlike most hospitals that might post their prices, these facilities post an all-inclusive price (surgeon, anesthesia, operating room, recovery, medical supplies) except travel and lodging. And, like many ASCs, their prices are usually well below what a patient might otherwise expect to pay within a hospital system.

Best member experience

We want our members and their families to be physically, spiritually, and emotionally strengthened and encouraged by their medical experience. For that, members need at least two things: to know they’re not alone in their journey from care to wellness, and they need to get the best information so they can be wise in their healthcare decision-making.

Great provider experience

We also want the people providing your medical care to be encouraged and blessed. That happens when providers are treated with courtesy and respect (something our members are good at!) and when they are compensated for their services promptly. Building strong relationships with providers is the CHM way. 

How we are working to solve this issue

For most of CHM’s history, we’ve advised our members who get sick or injured to get the care they need through the doctor or facility of their choice. When that’s accomplished, you send CHM your itemized bills as you receive them to put them in the reimbursement process and CHM will work with you to share them. However, as much as our members treasure their healthcare freedom, many have felt lost and alone trying to navigate one of the most complicated and expensive medical systems in the world.

But I’m here to tell you that there’s a better way of maximizing your medical freedom and merging additional support to provide you with useful information and quality healthcare. In all my years at CHM, I have never been more excited about how we’re serving our members.

Stay tuned for CHM’s solution.